Saturday, January 29, 2011

July, even though I want you to get here now, please take your sweet time

I don't want Harry Potter to end obviously for a lot of reasons. But my biggest one is that I'm afraid that I'll forget about it. That after there all the books and movies are released, I will not pay attention to it anymore and I'll forget about it and stop loving it. It scares me so much. Especially because Harry Potter is such a big part of who I am right now and it was a big part of me growing up. I don't ever want to let it go, but I'm afraid I will grow up and will let it go. I want to love it for as long as I live as much as I love it right now. I want my future children to read it and to love it. But first I have to wonder if I'll even love it as much then when I grow older.

I really do not want to let it go. This whole series, the characters, the movies, the actors, they are all so important to me. I want to treasure them forever and always.

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