Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's okay, you can all laugh at me because I get emotional when it comes to Harry Potter.

I can't even appreciate the R/Hr when I watch this video because I'm too busy crying for Hermione. The first time I saw this video I cried so hard when it shows Hermione putting a Memory Charm on her parents and when she screams while she is being tortured by Bellatrix. I couldn't even pay attention to the whole R/Hr thing because I was crying too hard. And even now, watching it for a second, third time I still start crying when those clips come on. The part where she's about to Obliviate her parents, I cry and I want to give Hermione a huge hug. And when Hermione screams, I can't stop myself from shuddering and covering my eyes and ears. I legit have to turn away.

in other shtuff, new design for mah blog!

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