Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Post~

AHH Okay. My first post. YAY. I made the blog. And finished adjusting the settings and stuff so now I can actually post. I don't really know if my blog will get any followers but they are welcome. I'm not going to go and be like "GO READ AND FOLLOW MY BLOG PLZ?" because ehh, I don't like to really show others what I write. I haven't added any superpersonal information in my profile either. So there is something I wanted to show you guys (if you guys are out there). Something I discovered two days ago. And that is SHANE DAWSON. Okay, okay, I know he's like the Most Subscribed on Youtube or something, so you've probably have heard of him before. But see, I've never watched his videos before until two days ago. I'd always see them on the homepage, but I dunno. I'd think he was obnoxious or something because of the way his videos looked, with that bright yellow background. I always got the impression he was going to be yelling alot or be super immature. I really don't know why. But then one day, I clicked on the link and I was like, holy crap. This guy isn't super immature, in fact, he seems very mature and legitmately funny! So I just wanted to post one of his videos here:

That was one of the first videos of him that I saw. I think it's from his channel where he does more relaxed videos.

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